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10Bet Affiliates Program Review

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10 Bet is another sportsbook that not long ago started to offer a broad range of affiliate programs. Right now it is possible to enjoy interesting opportunities offered by this platform. It offers several schemes that can cater to everyone’s needs. Let’s explore what it is offered in the portal.
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Earning information about the 10Bet bookmaker affiliate program

Currently two types of partnership programs can be encountered in the 10Bet platform. First of all, there are CPA programs. On the other hand, individuals may also join the platform as a sub-affiliate of an already existing affiliate. All of this gives a great deal of flexibility to all of those who want to engage in a 10Bet bookie affiliate program.

How much is it possible to earn by participating in these programs

The partners program is pretty generous. In general, a breakdown of the payments that are made who those who succeed in attracting people towards the website looks like this:

  • those who attract between 1 and 5 new players will get a 10% for each one of them;
  • between 6 and 20 players will give 20% to the 10Bet partners;
  • those who attract between 21 and 40 will get 30%;
  • finally, if 41 or more are attracted, a fantastic 35% can be obtained into the balance!

It can be seen that it might take a bit of time before getting started. This means that these deals for betting partners might be more suited for those with a bit more experience in the matter. Nevertheless, the conditions here are approximately what can be encountered across the industry’s average for affiliate site owners.

What about the terms and conditions of the 10Bet affiliate programs

There are many things to cover in this aspect. However, it is always recommended that everybody checks the 10Bet website in order to get a full understanding of these aspects. The most important aspect is probably the fact that the company can reduce the commission to a minimum of 10% for gambling partners in case there is inactivity for a period of 3 months or more. For this reason, it is always important to review and understand them properly.

General information about 10Bet

10Bet is an exciting bookmaker with a presence in India and the rest of the world. Currently the portal offers sports betting and casino activities with some options created by highly reputable studios. This means that having an account at this place from a player’s point of view can potentially be a highly rewarding experience. This means that casino partners might also feel compelled to become part of these programs.

Sub-affiliation at 10Bet

10Bet currently offers sub-affiliation programs as well. The commission will depend on the performance of the main 10Bet affiliates.

Affiliate payout at 10Bet

Payment system Transaction type Payment period
Wire transfers Direct payment 30 days
Skrill Direct payment 30 days
Neteller Direct payment 30 days

Software that can be encountered at 10Bet

Users of 10Bet will come across some pretty interesting software developers and their games. Some names like NetEnt and Microgaming display their amazing casino creations at this place.

Conclusions about the 10Bet programs

10Bet is another solid platform that has some great programs for those interested in joining. At the same time, the portal is great for customers who want to begin gambling, meaning that many people can feel attracted to it. On the downside, there are some harsh conditions for underperformers. However, those who are capable of keeping up will have great earnings.



What is an affiliate program?
These are deals where an affiliate and a bookmaker participate. The affiliate draws people towards the website, while the bookmaker will pay to the affiliate for a specific action, such as when a person signs up or starts wagering.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
As an example, affiliates will get a 10% commission if they attract between 1 and 5 people during a month. Those who attract between 6 and 20 will get 20%. Between 21 and 40 will give 30%, and 41 or more newcomers will give a 35% commission.
Why join the 10Bet affiliate program?
There are many reasons for doing that. First, there are generous commissions and fees for successful affiliates. On the other hand, affiliates also have the chance to attract sub-affiliates in order to increase their revenue even more.
How can I register to become a 10Bet partner?
Those interested in joining should visit the 10Bet website. From there, they can choose whether to complete the online application form or to contact a 10Bet representative directly. Usually answers are obtained within days.
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