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Detailing the 22bet affiliates programs

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22bet is one of the most diverse betting platforms out there. It attracts thousands of punters thanks to its incredible casino and sports betting area. Its affiliate programs attempt to attract players towards the gambling platform and the casino section, and why it might be a great idea to give them a try.

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Essential information about how to earn through these programs

The 22bet affiliate program features three main ways that enable their affiliates to earn, they include:

  • revenue sharing;
  • different CPA deals can be employed too!

All these deals have the potential to be very interesting. Besides the commissions, the conditions are also clearly explained, meaning that they are easy to understand to people with all levels of experience. People from India can also take advantage of these deals.

Useful information about earnings and commissions to consider

Probably this is one of the main reasons why people decide to join one program over another. All information about commissions provided by attracting customers is only provided when contacting the bookmaker. In this case, the company could publish its information for making the decision making process more easy.

The CPA partners program can be quite good according to people who have worked with 22bet. However, once again, all the information must be obtained by contacting the sportsbook. The commission might be changed over time depending on how successful the affiliate is in attracting traffic towards the 22bet website.

Terms and conditions

Before launching a campaign within the affiliate site, people must become familiar with the terms and conditions, as the deal can be terminated if they are not properly fulfilled. However, for now it can be stated that they are extremely clear to all of those who inquire about them.

Promotional material given by 22bet

The gambling partners promote 22bet by using a wide range of promotional material. However, most of the time this comes in the form of banners, URLs, and texts.

Understanding how sub-affiliation works

Sub-affiliation can serve as a supplement to other earning schemes. If an affiliate manages to invite other people to join the 22bet bookmaker affiliate program, the commission that the portal offers depends on the kind of affiliate interested to work with the brand. However, not too much information can be encountered about that so far.

How the affiliates can obtain their well-deserved earnings

Affiliates can get their cash through digital wallet providers and bank transfers. Overall, there are a wide range of options available for conducting this kind of operation.

Software utilized

What is needed from the 22bet partners is to have or to manage a website where they can host the necessary promotional material.

Conclusions about partnering with 22bet

The 22bet bookie affiliate program is a fairly new deal. However, it quickly made a good impression for affiliates from all over the world. Those interested in becoming a bookmaker and casino partners of 22bet should obtain all the necessary information by directly inquiring with the agents of the bookmaker, as the publicly available information is surprisingly scarce. However, many people claim that these agreements work quite well.



What is an affiliate program?
These programs are some of the most generous on the entire Internet. Its conditions are very flexible and the commissions can be very generous. This has made this platform one of the most attractive of its kind over the entire Internet.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
In general the bookmaker likes to have control over the commissions. For this reason, information about earnings is provided to those who inquire about partnering. However, many state that this portal is quite generous.
Why join the 22bet affiliate program?
This bookmaker is a fairly new player into this market. They currently provide thousands of sport events and hundreds of casino games. This can be fairly attractive for new punters, which can be beneficial for affiliates too.
How can I register to become a 22bet partner
For registering it is necessary to visit the affiliates website of the bookmaker. People will need to get in contact with the affiliate manager in order to inquire about more information, and some unique steps for the sign-up procedure.


Peter Turner
5 / 5

22bet affiliate is a perfect place to earn money with no effort. I’m stunned by the quality of their services, speedy processes, and reliable conditions. I’ve earned a good sum of real money so far. And plan to go even further.

2 / 5

I’m almost offended with 22bet affiliates proposals. I have to collect at least $100 to cash out. When I finally managed to do that, the website team got me penalized for God knows what. I requested explanations but still got no support or response.

Marcus Robertson
4 / 5

Got registered in several seconds, verified in several minutes. I’m working with a CPA account at 22bet affiliates. The conditions totally suit me. The payouts are due to date and support experts are ready to help.

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