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An affiliate marketing guide for beginners

Affiliate marketing is an interesting way for earning money on the Internet. There are many kinds of partnerships of this kind that can be taken advantage of by virtually any person on the Internet. However, this can still seem to be a pretty obscure world for many people reading this article.

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This guide will make sure that this seemingly dark and obscure world doesn’t seem like that anymore, by providing the most important clues and aspects that must be taken into account by those who are curious for learning more about these interesting opportunities, and hopefully will help those who want to know where to start in arbitration and do related actions.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to a wide range of referral programs that are offered by a wide range of businesses who sell different products and services. There are two main parts that must be considered when understanding these kinds of partnerships, they include:

  • the affiliate;
  • the business;
  • the marketplace;
  • an affiliate manager;
  • and even sub-affiliates in some cases!

The first two are the main ones that any partnership of this kind must have. The others optional. However it is also a good idea to examine them in more detail. These programs can be enjoyed from India and other places around the world.

How these kinds of deals work?

The way on how these programs work is pretty straightforward to understand, and will be explained now in this affiliate marketing for newbies guide. The business is the entity that offers a certain product or service, and this entity needs a way to increase its visibility. For this reason, it will try to find a partner that can promote the product in question. Most of the time this is done by placing an add in the website of the affiliate.

Of course, this means that most of the time affiliates must be people who own or at least manage some kind of website. These kinds of people must place an ad on their website. This banner will redirect those who click it towards the website of the entity that sells the product or service in question.

Normally the business expects that the person who clicks on the banner does something more than just clicking on it in order to hand out the respective reward to the affiliate. In most occasions, the business will reward the affiliate if a user decides to purchase the product or service being promoted.

There are a few examples that work a bit differently. Bookmakers are a company that most of the time reward an affiliate when a visitor decides to sign up in this service in question. All of this means that there are tons of different affiliate program, with different terms and conditions, that all parties must understand in order to make sure that the relationship is as fruitful as possible.

Getting earnings through these programs: explained step by step

If anybody decides to promote a product through his or her website by becoming a part of one of these programs, there is a series of things that must be considered. The first step is identifying a program that satisfies the needs of the potential partner.

Once an interesting program has been identified, the potential affiliate must ensure that he or she complies with the necessary requirements, and also that is capable of fulfilling them in the long run. This serves as a useful second step.

Third, the affiliate must contact the business in order to get further instructions. Sometimes the business will send a code that the partner must insert in the affiliate website, which will place the banner that will redirect traffic in the direction of the company in question.

Promoting brands on an affiliate’s site in an effective manner

If there is something that Internet users hate is to have annoying pop-up windows that seemingly jump out of the screen. For this reason, the design of both the affiliate website and the banner must blend in an organic manner, so the ad in question seems to be a natural part of the website rather than something that was forcefully put there. This can have a huge impact in the possible results that can be obtained.

Increasing click-throughs with the affiliate link

The business that wants to promote a product must find affiliates whose website is related to the topic of the product or service in question. If the topics do not match at all, it will be very difficult that the click-through rate will increase, and can lead to overall not so positive results.

What should never be done

There are a few things that must never be done by being in a partnership of this kind. First of all, the affiliate must stick to the terms and conditions established by the business, and second, and probably most importantly, the affiliate must never, under any circumstance, attempt to take advantage of the deal by spamming the link of the banner or try to artificially inflate the amount of the action that is done for obtaining revenue.


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