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Betfair Affiliates Program Review

4.5 / 5
The partners program with Betfair is very profitable, besides it allows webmasters and blog operators in India to earn money through online betting without financial risk. Betfair, as many other bookmakers, is willing to pay big money to get new active players to bet on its platform, so it promotes this cooperation system through serious and reliable Betfair affiliate program.
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High Revenue Share percentage
Possibility to choose between three payment schemes
Fair individual tracking links
Good reputation of the bookie
High threshold of cash out
Payments just once per month
Vague Indian legislation on gambling
Payment systems
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Earning Information

Betfair bookmaker affiliate program has a complex commission system and is based on a fixed fee for each subscriber plus a variable percentage if he turns out to be an active bettor after 3 months.

Earnings & Commisions

As any other advertising cooperation agreement, Betfair bookie affiliate program has its own Pro’s & Cons:


  • High Revenue Share percentage;
  • Possibility to choose between three payment schemes (incl. Cost per Action);
  • Fair individual tracking links for each site that will allow you to monitor its performance and number of your referrals;
  • Good reputation of the bookie on the global market, which simplifies your attraction of new customers!


  • High threshold of cash out;
  • Payments just once per month;
  • Vague Indian legislation on gambling!

Betfair is one of the platforms that has had the highest boom in subscribers in recent years. Since 2000 the company has grown year after year always increasing its turnover by about 10% and has reached over 140 countries.

Terms and Conditions

Your request for affiliation will be answered within 5-7 days during which Betfair will evaluate your site or blog and decide if you qualify for affiliation. After that you will receive access to your Account and a Betfair Affiliate ID that will allow you to always recognize players coming from your site.

General Information

To join the Betfair affiliate program, in order to advertise the offer of sports betting, and to earn money, all you have to do is submit the application for affiliation directly online from the operator’s website. After that, if your site or any other permitted source of traffic, is accepted, you, as a webmaster, can start the promotional activity using advanced marketing tools provided to you by the bookie.

After becoming a partner of Betfair affiliate program you can earn income on your players, which means that as long as your referrals continue to play, you will always receive commissions from their contributions. Betfair affiliate program is one of the best on the network and if you have a sports betting website which attracts a lot of traffic, you should subscribe. Moreover, you will have access to 24/7 support system, which will help in all matters of marketing.

An individual approach to each participant and the understandable interface of the site will allow the web-master to quickly become familiar with the Betfair affiliate and start making good money while attracting new customers for betting at


The engagement of sub-affiliates as Betfair casino partners is a subject to prior discussion and official approval by the gambling representative, otherwise you can suffer sanctions for recruitment the sub-affiliates without a casino’s consent. You can get an additional 3% commission from all the sub-affiliates you manage to bring into the Betfair affiliate program.

Affiliate Payout

The percentage of Revenue Share offered for the casino is 30% of the net profit for the 1st year, 20% for the 2nd year, 15% for year 3, 4 and 5, but you can agree better deals with your affiliate manager. Betfair partners can also choose to cooperate on CPA (a set payout fee for every customer you refer) and a hybrid of both CPA and Revenue Share payment models. These two payout schemes are discussed individually by every betting partner with his Betfair manager, so the company does not provide settled tariffs. The payments are made by bank transfer or to e-wallets upon reaching the minimum threshold (50 £/200€).

Software used

As a leading efficiency marketing ecosystem that utilizes sophisticated technology to retain, acquire and convert customers, the Betfair Affiliate Program is managed by NetRefer. This customized solution is ideal for affiliates and integrates seamlessly into the workflow of the modern marketers.


So, from this review follows that the Betfair affiliates is the largest and most popular rates market in the world, where users get pretty good money. The company all the time moving ahead and increasing turnovers. If you have a platform that gets a lot of traffic over time, you should subscribe to this program.

In order to become a participant of Betfair sports betting affiliate program you need to go through simple registration on its platform. Such a procedure is quite simple. The main language of the site is english. But at the top right there is the ability to switch the language into russian. Before registration, partners can explore, review and familiarize themselves with all the services that the Betfair’s company offers to its users.



What is an affiliate program?
The profit made through affiliations to sports betting is in fact linked to the number of people who, by clicking on the advertisement that is present on an affiliate site, register with the online bookmaker, open a gaming account, make the first deposit and start to place the bets on sporting events.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
The answer obviously depends on the traffic that you manage to convert into new customers for the bookmaker. Commissions, as has been mentioned, in this area are very: the revenue share that on average is around 20%, but can also reach 30% if you manage to make a good deal with the partner.
Why join the Betfair affiliate program?
Betfair platform characterized by considerable fluidity and innovation, designed to provide users with continuous reasons for interest: the offers of a very varied schedule and excellent odds, such as to encourage users to express their desire to put themselves to the test, betting on a very wide range of events. Thus, the Revenue Share for gambling partners scheme with this bookie is very profitable.
How can I register to become a Betfair partner?
You just need to connect to the site and register for free, providing all the required data, including your traffic sources (like, a website that you own). Subsequently, if you get approved, you will get the necessary referral links and other promo materials, as well as the access to the statistics on your campaigns/referrals.


Gilbert Jennings
4 / 5

I find it comfortable and pleasant to cooperate with a Betfair affiliate. This is a good way to earn real money with a trustworthy brand. 30-40% RevShare will let you profit greatly from the deal. I really recommend the program to everyone.

Frank Barton
4 / 5

I became a Betfair affiliate couple of years ago. I’m still here and making good money with no effort. VIP promos are a pleasant addition. There are some mischiefs happening from time to time. But they are not big troubles to me.

William Porter
1 / 5

Avoid betfair affiliates by all means!! I was really disappointed by their services. What looked reliable and convenient at first turned out to be badly organized and not customer-oriented at all. I waited for my payouts for eternity and still haven’t got all of them!

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