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BetMGM Affiliates Program Review

3.5 / 5
The name of BetMGM might sound familiar for a few people. This might be because it has the name MGM within its denomination. That’s no coincidence because in fact, BetMGM is the official betting affiliate of the MGM hotel chain. This makes this platform highly attractive and makes it a very good and reliable option for those who want to have stable income. But of course, the MGM brand is not the only reason for which people might feel compelled to join. There are other interesting aspects to consider. People from India and from the rest of the world can join the available gambling partners programs.
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extremely generous commissions for each partners program
the process to sign up is extremely easy
as it happens with many platforms of this kind, there are no sub-affiliate deals
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How to earn with the BetMGM affiliate program

In general, customers will be able to join different sections of BetMGM and take full advantage of all their possibilities. The included services are:

  • sports gambling;
  • casino;
  • and of course, poker!

There are corresponding affiliate programs that will direct people to each one of those sections. This wide variety of programs means that there are increased chances to land people in the website and therefore generating revenue for the affiliate.

Earnings and commissions for BetMGM partners

It is important to clarify that the earnings are based on qualified players. In other words, in order to claim any kind of reward it is necessary that a newcomer creates an account, makes a deposit and then makes a bet.

Overall, the CPA programs are quite generous. Betting partners who attract between 1 and 50 newcomers will get $100 in revenue for each one of them. Between 51 and 500 new customers will give $150 dollars to the affiliate. Those who manage to attract more than 500 clients per month will earn $200. Everybody can agree that receiving $100 as a minimum payment for an affiliate’s balance for each newcomer is a fantastic deal.

Terms and conditions of the BetMGM deals

Probably the most important condition to understand is the aforementioned qualified player definition. As stated, affiliates will be able to claim a reward only if a new punter makes a bet after signing up and making the first deposit. Other than that, it is very important that all affiliates become aware of these aspects before signing up for the offers.

General information about the BetMGM affiliate programs

Right now, it is possible to play in a poker section, an incredibly diverse sports section, and of course, a casino. Also, from an affiliate site point of view, it was already observed that the commissions and the revenues are quite generous, meaning that everybody can greatly benefit from this.

Sub-affiliation for the BetMGM bookmaker and casino partners

Currently BetMGM doesn’t have any kind of sub-affiliation program.

How affiliates are paid when being part of the BetMGM bookmaker affiliate program

Payment system Transaction type Payment period
Bank transfers Direct payment 30 days

What software can be encountered across the BetMGM platform

Some of the most popular casino game developers that can be found here include NetEnt, iSoftBet, Habanero and many others.

Conclusions of the BetMGM bookie affiliate program

BetMGM can be considered as one of the most prestigious platforms of its kind. While it has the great backing from the fantastic MGM brand, this bookmaker has managed to make a lot of merits by itself to be a great attraction for punters and affiliates alike. Generous commissions, great games and easy processes make signing up at this platform a great prospect.



What is an affiliate program?
These are deals where an online gambling platform intends to attract more traffic towards it. This purpose is achieved by hiring affiliates. Usually they are website owners who can place banners that direct traffic towards the main site.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
The available CPA programs are extremely generous. Affiliates who attract between 1 and 50 people to sign up to the platform will get $100 for each one of them. Those who range between 51 and 500 will get $150, and more than 500 will give $200.
Why join the BetMGM affiliate program?
First, BetMGM is the official online portal of the MGM hotel franchise. On the other hand, it offers many arrangements, such as casino, sports gambling and poker. The commissions are also quite generous, so there are many reasons to join.
How can I register to become a BetMGM partner?
To sign up for these deals it is necessary to contact BetMGM. This is an extremely easy process to do. People can visit the affiliates website of BetMGM in order to inquire about the available means of communication. Answers are very quick.
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