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Examining the Betrally affiliates program

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Betrally is one of the most diverse bookmakers out there. This can be stated by both punters and affiliates. Its affiliate programs attract people from many places around the world. For those who might not know, the purpose of these programs is to attract players towards the gambling platform and the casino section, and why it might be a great idea to give them a try.

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Essential information about how to earn through these programs

The Betrally affiliate program features three main ways that enable their affiliates to earn, they include:

  • revenue sharing;
  • different CPA deals;
  • and also sub-affiliation programs!

All these deals have the potential to be very interesting. This is achieved through the different commissions tiers that have been established, as it will be explained throughout this article. People from India can also take advantage of these deals.

Useful information about earnings and commissions

Probably this is one of the main reasons why people decide to join one program over another. The Betrally withdrawal revshare commissions vary between 10 and 35%. In general, for obtaining the full 35% commission, people must attract at least 41 new customers.

The CPA partners program can also be very flexible. The commission might be changed over time depending on how successful the affiliate is in attracting traffic towards the Betrally casino website.

Terms and conditions

For now it is possible to say that they are pretty standard. In other words, affiliates are absolutely forbidden from taking advantage of the deal by trying to spam the action that triggers the commission from the affiliate site. More information is available by visiting the official website of the bookmaker and casino platform. Also, the performance of the affiliates is under constant review, so the affiliate must ensure that his part is being done in a proper manner.

Promotional material available

Most of the time the gambling partners will promote the business by using different banners. However, people can also inquire by other promoting material by contacting the affiliate manager. Other kinds of promotional material include texts, URLs, about other things.

After approval of the application form, Betrally affiliate program provides participants with various promotional materials such as banners, text, links, graphics and other. All of them are available on the Internet portal of the Betrally affiliates, and can be placed anywhere on the personal website. Promo package offered by the program also includes two options for receiving the commission, each of which implies monthly payments.

Betrally India reserves the right to delete or modify the available tools, so it is necessary to check the portal updates from time to time. At the same time, Betrally India provides partners access to reports that displays information about referrals, shows and clicks. It is also possible to check deposits and daily registrations.

Understanding how sub-affiliation works

Sub-affiliation can serve as a supplement to other earning schemes. If an affiliate manages to invite other people to join the Betrally bookmaker affiliate program, the commission that the portal offers depends on the kind of affiliate interested to work with the brand.

How the affiliates can cash out their earnings

Affiliates can get their cash in a wide range of manners. Most of the time this is done through digital wallet platforms. Also, bank transfers are available for some entities.

Software utilized

In general, the only thing that is needed from the Betrally partners is to have a website where they can set up the necessary banners and other promotional material.

Let’s review the programming support used by India Betrally affiliates. The program utilizes the Income Access affiliate software which is one of the most widely used affiliate solutions in the world. This is good news, because it is a reliable software that offers all key statistics along with custom reporting features and analytics functions and accurate and timely statistics.

Every 15th working day of the month (or earlier) partners of Betrally India can withdraw their money transmitted via Ecopayz, Neteller, Skrill or Bank Transfer. To program’s participants are allowed to choose a payment method that suits them. All this is a huge plus for starting cooperation with India Betrally affiliates.


The Betrally bookie affiliate program can be an attractive option for people with all kinds of experience. Right now those interested in becoming a bookmaker and casino partners can inquire about the different available options of different kinds of programs. The commissions and Betrally bonus offers are quite good and the conditions very lenient, meaning that this can be a potentially very profitable partnership overall.



What is an affiliate program?
It is a partnership program where an affiliate, usually by using their website, will insert some promotional material in this platform in order to attract traffic towards the business. Commissions are earned depending on the results.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
The revshare program has a commission that varies between 10 and 35%. For keeping a commission of 35%, people must attract no less than 41 people per month. These commissions are quite generous overall when compared to other competitors.
Why join the Betrally affiliate program?
This program has very flexible conditions and overall great commissions. The earnings can be quite good in the long run, making this specific affiliate program a very profitable option for those wishing to be involved in a deal like this.
How can I register to become a Betrally partner
For registering it is necessary to visit the affiliates website of the bookmaker. People will need to get in contact with the affiliate manager in order to inquire about more information, and some unique steps for the sign-up procedure.


Wilfrid Sparks
2 / 5

I started cooperation with Betrally out of interest. It was a wrong move. No matter how many referrals I managed to get my RevShare was 10% only. This is the smallest rate I’ve ever seen!!!

1 / 5

Betrally affiliates are liars!! When I didn’t get the promised RS profits, I decided to switch to CPA but I wasn’t allowed to. Then I decided to clear everything out with the support team and got nothing in response!Betrally affiliates are liars!! When I didn’t get the promised RS profits, I decided to switch to CPA but I wasn’t allowed to. Then I decided to clear everything out with the support team and got nothing in response!

Oliver Tucker
3 / 5

I have been with Betrally affiliates for two years already. The program goes like clockwork. Not the top delightful deals. But there weren’t any payment delays or unresponsive support service issues.

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