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Development trends of the iGaming industry in 2021

The technological development and modern trends are influencing the iGaming industry as well as other market fields in India and all around the world. Game developers, online casino holders, and iGaming services providers strive to introduce new products and opportunities to attract new customers in the rapidly changing entertainment sphere. Gambling legislation, the emergence of new technologies, game features development, payment systems integration, all influence the iGaming industry and its trends in the current and upcoming years. Whether you own the online gaming area, play the hottest slots, or strive to become an affiliate, it is significant to follow the latest market tendencies to be able to benefit from any situation and grab the best propositions possible.

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IGaming – prospects for the development of the industry

Internet gambling is becoming the over-popular trend in the current situation when the land-based casino closes the doors for visitors. The pandemic brought more clients to the online gambling industry and the need to stay competitive and develop the propositions constantly.

IGaming is universal entertainment and profit source

Nowadays, iGaming has become a unique way to get entertained and earn good money at the same time. With no need for physical presence, players tend to select the online platforms to play, cooperate with, and make a fortune anyway. That is why an increasing number of online gaming areas are constantly working to improve their bonus propositions, games assortments, and affiliate casino.

Such a tendency is beneficial for both casino customers to receive a high-quality gaming experience and increased winnings, and casino holders to have access to the enhanced customer pool and better income.

How are things going with the industry in India?

At the same time, the India iGaming business is following the worldwide trends and was noticed to boost in the subsequent issues.

The growing popularity of mobile gambling

More than half of the Internet casino gamblers prefer mobile gambling to the desktop and PC browser alternatives. Whether they are players from India, or any other country worldwide, the smartphone has become the main gaming device for online casino clients. With such popularity mobile gambling is booming with already implemented and upcoming trends:

  • 3d games, such as 3d themed slots are top cherished choices;
  • VR is expected to increase the real-life gambling experience of the classic casino, live dealers, and slot games;
  • intuitive smartphone gaming with additional scrolling and swiping features add to comfort;
  • more world-respected developers release desktop and mobile game versions simultaneously!

Mobile gambling is believed to become a leading sphere branch in the nearest future. This makes the vendors, operators, and gaming platforms owners concentrate on making their products mobile friendly and primarily mobile-oriented.

New board games

Online casino is getting Indian gamblers acquainted with new board games. Average gamblers used to prefer slots only for years, paying rare attention to board and card games. But with the emergence of new propositions, the interest rises as well. So, operators can expect more and more fans of new variations of Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and other world-respected games to emerge.

Live casino development

Live dealer casino offerings are also booming on the national market. With the gambling sphere becoming legal, the live dealer lobby broadcast has gained in quality and accessibility. In addition, an increase in the Internet connection quality, and mobile gaming preference added to the live casino prosperity on the Indian iGaming market. The perspective of 5G coming soon is expected to enhance the proposition and demand of the live dealer lobby.

Difficulties and how they affect the segment

Being out of law in India up to recent times, the gambling business used to search for hidden routes and ways to develop. Bonuses, affiliate program, and gambling possibilities were all treated as fraudulent and insecure ones. This ended up with difficulties for operators, casino holders, affiliates, and gamblers to succeed in the gambling sphere.

What is preventing payment providers from working with online gaming companies?

Since gambling is often associated with fraudulent and criminal activities, payment systems are unwilling to cooperate with online gaming companies. They feel the responsibility for their customers to be tricked by unreliable gaming platforms, personal information stolen and misused. This way the reputation of payment services may be ruined. In addition, payment companies may be afraid of extra charges and fines from the lawful side since the legislative aspect of gambling is still unsteady and tends to change quickly

Communication as a problem-solution trend

The top necessary trend to be implemented is a tendency of open communication between operators, casino holders, affiliate program partners, and gamblers. Transparent and fair relationships on all levels, discussions on the hottest gambling topics and problematic issues, and making people aware of the inside state of the gaming industry will raise the trustful cooperation and attract more gamblers and partners to the iGaming sphere for the benefit of both sides.


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