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Facebook traffic arbitrage — main advantages and some actual features

By using the Facebook traffic arbitrage webmasters will get loads of advantages and a really great opportunity to find the target audience for any of the gambling affiliate programs in India. But we shouldn't forget about the importance of understanding the Facebook features and restrictions. Sure you can use not only the white methods for traffic but in that case, you will be banned really soon.
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Why choose Facebook for traffic

The fact that the CPC is lower than on the other platforms is the main reason to choose the Facebook traffic arbitrage. At the same time, webmasters with some previous experience will drive high-quality clicks for the affiliate programs. But for that results is so important to know all the setups there. That’s the exact reason for the newbies’ low results of the selling Facebook traffic because they don’t know yet all the Fb features.

There are some even more reasons why to drive traffic to Facebook:

  • wide audience in all the GEO;
  • the lowest CPC on the market;
  • creatives and target settings flexibility;
  • automatic optimization!

To get the earnings on traffic using the Facebook ads learn all the platform terms and test different creatives before the final decision will be made.

Facebook advertising

With the Facebook ads you can select one of the available objectives for your campaign: engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and of course, traffic. Partnership programs allow this source of traffic so don’t lose that opportunity to get the cheap lead. Here you could send traffic to an affiliate betting website, mobile or desktop app, or Messenger chat.

Features of Facebook promotion

Before start getting the earnings on Facebook arbitration read the next features to consider in your marketing:

  • Lead Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Engagement Ads on Wall Posts
  • Remarketing
  • Interest Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • The Fb Pixel

The main features here are remarketing and lead ads, as well as promoting groups and pages. For example, Lead ads are not just being so cheap and insanely effective, but also these features let you reach players who’ve already interacted with or checked out your partner’s brand in some way. Also, it helps attract the competitor’s audience to your affiliate website.

How to start making money for a newbie on Facebook

There are some basic strategies to start earning money in affiliate programs with Facebook ads instruments:

  • make the content excellent;
  • use the creatives and all the promo materials that the casino offers;
  • test new audience;
  • nudge users to share;
  • test different campaign objectives!

Because positive engagement reductions the ad costs, you want a large percentage of the players viewing the ad and content to like or share it. That means it’s best to create ads and content that appeal to as many people as possible. Also, you should choose the best affiliate casino model (CPA or Revenue share) based on the traffic quality and your own goals in arbitrage.


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