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FanDuel Affiliates Program Review

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FanDuel is another exciting bookmaker that during recent times started to offer different affiliate programs for customers from all over the world. However, besides the programs themselves, there are many other exciting features that make the prospect of affiliating with this platform a great idea.
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many incentives to work hard in order to increase the earnings for the affiliate site
access to fantastic company material that will make the affiliate’s website look fantastic
the 730 day minimum period that those who are part of a partners program must wait an be considered quite long
Payment systems
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Some of the additional tools that people who are FanDuel affiliates get here include:

  • tracking links;
  • videos;
  • banners;
  • and many other marketing tools to follow the affiliate’s progress in the platform!

FanDuel has a system of varying commissions which vary depending on the performance of those who are part of a FanDuel bookie affiliate program. This means that affiliates are incentivized to perform better, so with that they will be able to earn more.

Earning information from the FanDuel programs

There are many things to cover about the earning information of these affiliate programs. First of all, affiliates may get between 25 and 35 dollars for each new registration that they manage to attract towards the website. This commission will increase as the affiliate manages to attract more people. On the other hand, the revenue sharing program offers a fixed rate of 35%, which can be considered as being around the industry average.

Earnings and commissions when being a FanDuel gambling affiliate

People can get up to $35 per new registration if they manage to attract more than 100 people to gamble during a 1-month period. On the other hand, those who want to engage in a revenue sharing type of deal will get a fixed 35% of the revenue spent by players on the website. Overall, it can be said that these conditions are quite generous for betting partners.

Terms and conditions of the FanDuel deals

In general, those who engage in a revenue sharing kind of deal with FanDuel will get their payments based upon the activities of those referred to the portal in their 730 days of activity. Casino partners will be able to get up to $1,000 per month per player from their balance.

General information about FanDuel

The core of its business is to make account owners actively engage each other in exciting and challenging games. They will need to show their knowledge about specific sports and how accurate their predictions can be.


Right now there are no sub-affiliate revenue programs at FanDuel.

Affiliate payout at Paddy Power

Payment system Transaction type Payment period
Check Direct payment 30 days
Wire transfers Direct payment 30 days
PayPal Direct payment 30 days

What software is used in the FanDuel platform

Currently all the casino software that can be encountered and enjoyed across the FanDuel platform has been developed by Fantasy Sports.

Conclusions about becoming involved in a FanDuel affiliate program

Overall, it can be easily seen that engaging with FanDuel partners and its affiliate programs can be quite a lucrative experience for everyone in India and the rest of the world. However, people who want to participate must have a lot of patience. This is because sometimes the periods that must pass before being able to claim a payment might be long. However, all of this is stated in the terms and conditions. Therefore, as long as these aspects are properly understood, everybody will have a pleasant experience on this platform.



What is an affiliate program?
These kinds of deals are those who involve an affiliate and a bookmaker or casino. The casino will give a certain commission or fee for a specific action conducted by the affiliate, such as convincing people to sign up and start playing
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
First, affiliates in a CPA deal will get between 25 and 35 dollars for each successful registration. On the other hand, the revenue sharing programs of FanDuel give to all punters a flat commission of 35%, which is higher than average.
Why join the FanDuel affiliate program?
FanDuel has a very interesting proposal that might be very attractive to players. This means that affiliates might benefit if people manage to sign up through the banners put on their websites. Also, the fees are quite generous.
How can I register to become a FanDuel partner?
To join FanDuel as an affiliate it is necessary to get in contact with the platform. This can be done through the online application form, email or phone call. This process in general is extremely quick, being completed within days.
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