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Fun88 Affiliates Program Review

3.2 / 5
The affiliate programs offered by the Fun88 casino are quite interesting and are very simple to join. In general, any person can become one of the many Fun88 partners. The only thing that they need to become part of it is to start referring people towards the platform.

These programs work in a very simple way. First, it is necessary to become a member of a Fun88 bookmaker affiliate program. After that, they can start referring new punters towards the website. The benefit that the affiliate will receive corresponds to specific amounts for each person that signs up, and for each bet that the referred customers make at the platform.
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What about the earning information of these programs

In general, the amount of money that each Fun88 affiliate will earn obviously depends on the amount of people that they manage to persuade to join. However, as previously said, it is also essential to make sure that those who join referred by the affiliate are active players. In total, the commission can be up to 40% of the amount spent by those referred to join the portal.

Earnings and commissions that affiliates can obtain from the Fun88 affiliate programs

In general, there is a base commission given to members of a Fun88 affiliate program which is based upon their activity. In other words, affiliates may obtain a reward in their balance if the people whom they attract does one of the following:

  • signs up;
  • and makes wagers!

But there is more, because Fun88 can bring huge rewards for those who have exceptional results. However, those depend on a case by case basis where some minimums are evaluated. But, it should still be said that the Fun88 partners programs can be quite generous overall.

Terms and conditions of the Fun88 affiliate programs

As it tends to happen in these kinds gambling partners of programs, there are some terms and conditions that all affiliates should observe. First, and the most obvious one, is that under no circumstances the affiliate should create fake accounts and make them look like actual players who joined. Still, all casino partners can review these conditions at any time on the website.

General information about the Fun88 affiliate programs

As it tends to happen in these cases, affiliates should be website owners or webmasters who are authorized or able to implement a Fun88 banner in their affiliate site. In order to take advantage of the benefits that the portal offers, those referred to the Fun88 portal should do their activity by said banner.

The design of the website is completely up to the webmasters who are betting partners themselves, so Fun88 has no say over it. However, it is always recommended that these banners go on websites whose topics are related to the kind of activity that Fun88 does.


Fun88 does not offer any kind of sub-affiliation program.

Affiliate payout

Payment system Transaction type Payment period
Bank transfer Direct transfer Within a week

Software used at Fun88

Microgaming is the main protagonist in the Fun88 games.


In general, this is quite an interesting entry-level Fun88 bookie affiliate program for people from India. The revenue that people can get can be quite generous, and its conditions are extremely simple to understand. However, the lack of sub-affiliation options and the somewhat limited gambling options might deter some people away. Yet, these programs can still be highly rewarding.



What is an affiliate program?
Affiliate programs are a kind of arrangement where an affiliate, usually a webmaster, puts a banner on their site that redirects traffic towards a bookmaker or online casino. In this kind of deal, the casino pays a fee to the affiliate.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
This depends on how many people are attracted towards the website and how active they are on it. After all, revenue sharing programs are based upon the money spent by a punter in a bookmaker. However, income here is quite good.
Why join the Fun88 affiliate program?
First of all, Fun88 can be quite attractive for those who are newer into these kinds of arrangements. Also, the conditions are extremely simple to understand and are quite attractive. Fees and revenues are also very generous overall.
How can I register to become a Fun88 partner?
In order to sign up for a Fun88 deal, people must go to the affiliates website of the bookmaker. Over there, it will be necessary to fill the form, and wait for an answer. It might take a few days before the application is reviewed and accepted.
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