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How is cloaking used in traffic arbitrage?

The cloaking in arbitration is a way of distributing traffic where you show different page content to different people. The cloaking redistributes and opens up different content for advertising moderators and target audiences. It is necessary in order to adjust the necessary text to the rules of the advertising network — using just one link to show two different sites.
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What is cloaking

Remember that some cloaking methods are officially banned by all advertising systems and if moderators reveal them, your account will be banned. However, it is not always used to fraud search engines. Some gambling webmasters use it to make the work with the resource much more comfortable (protects content from stealing, recognizes user location, etc.).

How cloaking works

The website cloaking works with the special built-in algorithm and at the moment a bot appears, instantly generates another page with alternative content. It really helps webmasters to promote the forbidden categories of goods and attract the target audience.

Why cloaking is used in the arbitration

Here are some reasons to use cloaking in the traffic arbitrage:

  • buying traffic from forbidden sources;
  • moderation on social media or Adwords with the betting advertisement campaigns that break the rules;
  • to hide tested profitable bundle from competitors;
  • to attract the traffic from forbidden sources;
  • to restriction of inappropriate GEO!

The cloaking traffic is really popular among the webmasters in India because it helps to allow earning more money and taking on the most profitable niches.

Cloaking methods for traffic arbitrage

Cloaking consists of a secure and selling page, as well as specialized software. Special services’ JS scripts can be used as software. The simplest cloaking method is to show the content based on the User-Agent or the user’s HTTP referrer. But the IP cloaking is much more efficient for casino partners.

Cloaking with traffic trackers

Trackers are the online services that are needed to obtain information from advertising and CPA networks, as well as to automatically redirect visitors to different pages with the ability to save a link. Also, check a few more reasons for cloaking with the trackers:

  • to run any advertisements in any network;
  • to waste less money on non-converting sources!

Now there are a lot of traffic trackers that help to achieve all the marketing goals. Cloaking with one of the trackers is quite simple to set up: you need to specify Offer Page and White Page. The first page is for the target audience, the second is for moderation or hiding information from competitors.

How to use cloaking for free

Use all the opportunities to get income in the selected affiliate program. With the trial period of the traffic trackers, you can use cloaking absolutely for free. After the expiration of the test period, buy a paid subscription, gaining access to the functionality for a long period or just find another tracker to activate the trial there.


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