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How to drive traffic on Revshare — a model for long-term revenue-generating

Only proven information about what is Revshare you will find below. Also, there are some main advantages of this model and reasons why is it profitable for webmasters and those who deal with traffic arbitrage to work on a RevShare basis. But remember that Revshare traffic should be only high-quality traffic and you need to be confident about it because that's the only way to earning money for a long period.
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What is Revshare

Revshare is an affiliate commission type. According to this model rules the casino or other advertisers share a percentage of the revenue with the partners. This is the commission you earn either by sending referrals who are linked to your account. So the more active clients you have, the bigger your earning potential into the RevShare affiliate program. It is not a 1-time referral commission fee (as in CPA model programs), so you will get a long-term passive income.

How profit is calculated

There are a couple of ways to calculate the RevShare percentage. For some plans, the percentage is based on the revenue share affiliates client/referral generates for their partner. For others, it’s based on the spread value. So before the registration, all the terms and conditions should be reading, so there is no unpleasant surprise at the end.

Also, don’t forget that not all the gambling affiliate programs in India are lifelong. Some of them actually have a limited time period (12 months, for example).

Dynamic Revshare

Many of the casino affiliate programs offer a dynamic commission, which provides the revenue stream based on the company’s income. The more traffic, the higher percentage you get.

Admin Fees

Almost all betting affiliate programs deduct their costs from the InOut rate. So the webmaster will get the percentage of the net revenue. All the costs are necessarily spelled out in the documentation.

Resetting Revshare

Revshare may reset to zero or not (depends on the affiliate program’s terms). Sometimes the negative balances are transferred to the next accounting period. But it’s not profitable for the webmaster so better to choose the programs where the negative balance reset to zero.

What are the advantages of Revenue Share?

Check some principal Revshare offers advantages for better understanding of this model:

  • shared success;
  • passive lifelong income;
  • remain in control;
  • investment potential!

Also, remember about the Revshare model simplicity. Here you choose how much will you get next month and get the unique opportunity to earn money even without any actions.

For whom is Revenue Share beneficial?

Partnership programs with the Revshare model are the perfect option for webmasters who want to achieve the top level of commissions and generate ongoing income. Choose it if you are confident in your traffic and can get good leads for the casino or bookmaker company. You need to have a platform with the target audience and a clean slate.


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