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How to identify an audience for gambling offers — portrait of casino players and the best traffic sources

We are sure you've considered that gambling offers are still the best for money earning in India. It's because of the high gambling popularity and huge audience which ready to spend its money in online casinos. But you might be surprised to learn that there are a few players types and the fact that every visitor has his own motivation.
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Types of gambling offers

There are 2 basic gambling offers types — CPA and Revenue share. At the same time, some of the affiliate programs offer a hybrid type based on the CPA and Revshare models. For sure a choice between these models is hard because of certain risks on both sides. So to choose the best one you need to spend some time learning all the main advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

CPA is a format of the casino affiliate programs where all the targeted actions get paid. Partnership programs could pay for registration, deposit or subscribing to a newsletter.

But for the webmaster are much more profitable the betting affiliate programs with the Revshare model where the partner receives a percentage of generated casino revenue. So here webmasters attract players to casinos or sportsbooks and obtain a percentage of their losses. It’s the best model in the gambling vertical for lifelong passive income generating.

Where to find your target audience

You should understand your partner’s target audience before start learning where to find it. remember that there is no single portrait of the average online gambler or bettor. However, two things tend to be true about gamblers and bookmakers’ office visitors: they tend to be on the younger side (18-35) and they tend to be male. But at the same time, there are lots of gamblers who are 65+ now.

The mindset of the player

Identifying and understanding the target audience of the chosen casino will assist you in employing the right strategies and sources of traffic. But check some main player motives at first:

  • playing to win money;
  • playing due to addiction;
  • playing for fun!

The first two types are visit casinos regularly and often. They are ready to spend big money while playing. But the players with the addiction don’t have a plan or schedule for their gambling and you will have a negative impact on the casino.

Players who play for fun visit casinos once in a while and play just to have fun. That’s the best audience for the CPA model gambling affiliate programs because they will be easily attracted by offering fantastic welcome bonuses or rewards for registration.

Sources of traffic for the gambling affiliate programs

The best sources of gambling traffic are:

  • PPC advertising;
  • banner advertising;
  • SEO;
  • social media!

Also, you can create your own Youtube channel or use email advertising as an effective instrument for the new gamblers attracting. Use all the casino’s promo materials (such as banners and articles) to attract even more players.


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