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How to increase CTR and what is it for?

One of the key indicators in contextual advertising is CTR. Many affiliate marketers have heard ctr what is it and how it is used when promoting online projects on the Internet. It is a key metric for marketing performance. It is possible to quickly find out how often a customer will follow to the site by looking at an advertisement. It is thanks to CTR optimization that you can eliminate a large number of errors associated with a decrease in the click-through rate of links, increase traffic, as well as the quality of advertising. But it is important to know what is CTR and how it can be implemented in existing projects.
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What is CTR and how it can be implemented?

Those who do not yet know what CTR is, urgently need to pay attention to the fact that modern SEO promotion is impossible without increasing clickability. This metric indicates the number of people who not only watched the ad, but also clicked on the link to go to the project website. The click-through rate is directly related to the popularity balance of an online resource, so it is important to know how to calculate CTR.

Formula for calculating CTR in arbitrage

Understanding how to calculate CTR is not so difficult, since there is a standard formula – the number of clicks is divided by the number of impressions, and all this is multiplied by one hundred percent. It is necessary that the indicator stayed at least at around 200, the transition per month – this is a good result for a beginner online resource. But this does not mean that you should definitely stop there, you always need to progress and the most effective way to achieve what you want is to work with the right advertising partners. They will definitely be able to make the casino popular.

CTR is something without which, in fact, it is impossible to build a competent Affiliate program. It is important to understand how much is good CTR. It is better not only to use the formula, but also to know where it can be applied in such a large digital market as India. Indeed, otherwise, the payment may be completely ineffective.

The affiliate program often calculates the percentage of CTR already on the fact of conducting test ads in order to evaluate the effectiveness of promoting a specific topic. Sometimes one game can get more attention than an entire brand. It is necessary that the affiliate program acts as an ideal complement to the website, then all costs can be covered with interest.

How to increase your CTR in the best possible way?

The CTR improvement program involves a personal plan to increase the CTR affiliates. Offers should attract users, so it’s worth working out a good strategy according to which you can increase this indicator. There are several tips that an affiliate program can follow so that any gambling project can get the proper number of people who clicked on the advertising link:

  • Quick links. They allow the user to quickly move to a section of the site;
  • Links by phone number. The user must be ready to call the phone number by clicking on the link;
  • Relevant offer. Advertising should be tailored to the needs of users;
  • Cost per click. The casino affiliate with which the casino works should offer cost per click, should work out the price well so as not to set too high a price tag.

Any partner of an online gambling establishment counts on a monetary benefit. Therefore, a betting affiliate program must necessarily achieve the highest possible CTR rates.


Knowing the CTR page what is it, you can achieve better results in the advertising campaign of your projects. Even a moderately popular gambling site cannot do without high-quality promotion from professionals. A competent webmaster will never miss an opportunity to promote a casino and pay per click should always be among the main indicators in order to navigate the betting budget revenue .


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