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How to work with gambling offers?

Now the gambling verticals are much more popular than every other. It becomes possible thanks to new approaches and ways to convert. Also, there are lots of new online entertainment that were previously unavailable. That's why every gambling partner can become successful with the casino affiliate program.
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What is gambling

Gambling is a popular niche now. All the gamblers can choose between thousands of online entertainments in next categories:

  • slots;
  • poker rooms;
  • Live casino!

Also, there is an opportunity to become a betting partner because lots of sportsbooks have their own casino for playing for cash or for free. Slots are machine simulators with different numbers of reels and lines. Here to win gamblers need to combine at least 3 identical symbols in a row.

How to start in the gambling niche

Start from choosing the reliable gambling affiliate program to get the payment guarantee. You can work directly with the online casinos or find the offer in one of the CPA programs. To find the partner by yourself you need to visit some gambling websites which offer this type of cooperation. In gambling is really important to understand how to define the target audience and what GEO to focus on.

What GEOs to focus on

There are lots of active gamblers in India. Sure there are not so big percent of high rollers here, but there it only helps. At the start, you should not work with a large-scale GEO, because this way you will not be able to qualitatively analyze the target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

How to define your target audience

At once identify your target audience. It is a man 25-45 years old, with a normal level of wealth, gambling. He works a lot and when he has the time to relax — he is always spending it on the laptop or computer. He/she wants to disperse the routine. So you should be focused on a wide range of games in the casino and several game modes.

Attracting audience

To attract the audience to your casino partner site you should give the bright emotions because this is exactly what the gamblers are looking for. Remember that even one gambler of the betting affiliate program or the casino offer can feed you on the RevShare model for years! So here it is really important to attract high-quality traffic because the number is no longer the goal.

Types of gambling offers

You will find lots of different gambling offers on the internet but not all of them really deserve your attention. Read the terms of cooperation before you will sigh out the registration form. Also, don’t forget to choose the best commission model from the most common:

  • Revenue share;
  • CPA;
  • CPL, etc.!

The Revenue share model will give you an opportunity for lifelong profit. Choose it to get some percent from every referral’s loss.

Where to pour traffic from

You can pour gambling traffic from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Doorway and Native ads. There is no gambling advertising ban on Facebook that made it the best advertising platform for this niche.


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