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Prospects for the development of the betting vertical: is it profitable in 2021?

Betting niche after a tough 2020 year in 2021 again coming to life. The bookmaker affiliate programs offer really profitable terms of cooperation because all the bookies need new players. That's why now is the best time to start getting earnings on betting with one of the available payment models.
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Betting vertical — what is it?

Before choosing the affiliate program, learn some more information about what is betting. For most people, betting is the football and the results of the Olympics bets. But the betting vertical includes also popular Esports and virtual sports.

How is betting different from a casino?

The main difference is that in sports betting players bet on some actual results and the actual winning depends on odds. In gambling, there are lots of games (slots, table games etc.) with the demo mode that the players could run for free. In betting, players must know the terminology and rules of sports discipline because there is no chance to get the winning without that knowledge.

Popular payment models in betting

In the last few years next affiliate betting program payments methods had become increasingly common:

  • CPA – pay for the target action
  • RevShare – pay a percentage from the bookmaker’s income
  • Hybrid – a mix of the fixed cost and some commission from the bookie’s benefit

For newbies, the CPA model is the best choice in the gambling affiliate programs and betting offers because all the partnership programs with the RevShare model will make a profit after 4-6 months. So this model will be a great opportunity for lifetime passive profit generation but you need to wait a few months to see the first results.

How to make money on betting for affiliate marketers?

The affiliate casino profit depends on the chosen payment model and the actual traffic. With the high-quality traffic, you can earn up to $10 000 per month. But these results will be only if all of your actions were right. Find the best affiliate programs to join with profitable terms and create some great content.

Read a super simple step-by-step guide for making money on an affiliate program in India:

  • Create an account on the affiliate program website
  • Get your unique referral link
  • Share the link with the target audience
  • Track the number and actions of your referrals
  • Get a percentage of the amount or some commission based on rates (CPA model)

Use this simple instruction to start making money on the affiliate program really fast. But also read the recommendations for the best GEO choosing.

The best GEOs for betting

It is also important to know all the differences between the GEO zones for those who are planning to get the earnings for the affiliate. There are four main zones in traffic arbitrage — Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4. But the main options for betting are Tier 3 (developing countries) and Tier 1 (English-speaking GEOs, Scandinavian countries, Canada). And the Tier 3-4 (India, African countries) are the best for the newbies.


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