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Explaining the Sportsbet affiliates program

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Sportsbet is one of the most experienced platforms out there. For those who might not know, these programs attempt to attract players towards the gambling platform and the casino section, and why it might be a great idea to give them a try.

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Relevant information about how to earn through these programs

The Sportsbet affiliate program features three main ways that enable their affiliates to earn, they include:

  • revenue sharing;
  • different CPA deals;
  • and also sub-affiliation programs!

All these deals have the potential to be very interesting. Besides the commissions, it should be stated that the conditions are very relaxed when compared to other similar websites, making Sportsbet one of the best options for new and experienced people. People from India can also take advantage of these deals.

Useful information about earnings and commissions to consider

Probably this is one of the main reasons why people decide to join one program over another. The Sportsbet revenue share commissions vary between 25 and 35%, meaning that it is possible to make huge profits even when the affiliate is not so successful in attracting customers.

The CPA partners program are pretty good as well. However, all the information must be obtained by contacting the sportsbook. The commission might be changed over time depending on how successful the affiliate is in attracting traffic towards the Sportsbet website.

Terms and conditions

For now it is possible to say that they are pretty standard and even flexible in some cases. In other words, affiliates are absolutely forbidden from taking advantage of the deal by trying to spam the action that triggers the commission from the affiliate site. The flexibility aspect is reflected in the fact that affiliates who are not so successful in attracting traffic, are not harshly punished as happens with other places.

Promotional material that people can work with

Most of the time the gambling partners will promote the business by using different banners and other kinds of non-invasive ads that will blend perfectly with the host platform.

Target audience of Sportsbet affiliates it’s a people who have cryptocurrency or have a good understanding of how to create a crypto wallet and replenish it. It can be customers who pay attention to the description of the betting offices and which are important to all the advantages described above. At the same time, geolocation is not so important. Average marginality in the CIS and the United States is the same.

Therefore, partners of Sportsbet affiliate can use traffic from such sources as:

  • video reviews;
  • telegrams spam;
  • sms spam;
  • whatsApp spam;
  • seo traffic;
  • context (including brand);
  • E-mail spam (in coordination);
  • Facebook advertising, UAC!

Sportsbet offers creatives, lending, bonuses and promoter. Detailed statistics are displayed on the site.

Understanding how sub-affiliation works

Sub-affiliation can serve as a supplement to other earning schemes. If an affiliate manages to invite other people to join the Sportsbet bookmaker affiliate program, the commission that the portal offers depends on the kind of affiliate interested to work with the brand.

How the affiliates can cash out their earnings

Affiliates can get their cash in a wide range of manners. Most of the time this is done through digital wallet platforms. Also, bank transfers are available for certain banks in a few countries around the world.

Software utilized

What is needed from the Sportsbet partners is to have a webpage where they can host the necessary promotional material.

Sportsbet India uses AFFILKA software and gets all its advantages, including:

  • intuitive interface;
  • flexible commission designer;
  • high fault tolerance;
  • detailed reporting, which is available for all currencies;
  • a unique set of postbacks etc!

It is important to note another Affilka key advantage for Sportsbet affiliate program — integration with coinspaid, transparent and reliable crypto wallet from SoftSwiss. Thanks to Coinspaid, partners of Sportsbet affiliates will be able to receive instant payments in the convenient cryptocurrency. Each bet is a transaction with a cryptocurrency recorded in a publicly available chain of blocks. Users can interact with a platform directly from their EOS wallets without registration and continue to control their funds.


The Sportsbet bookie affiliate program can be an attractive and massively generous option for people with all kinds of experience. Those interested in becoming a bookmaker and casino partners can inquire about the different available options of different kinds of programs. However, for now it can be stated that the conditions are pretty flexible, and the commissions are generous, making the Sportsbet one of the best platforms for affiliates.



What is an affiliate program?
It is a partnership program where an affiliate, usually by using their website, will insert some promotional material in this platform in order to attract traffic towards the business. Commissions are earned depending on the results.
How much do I earn with an affiliate program?
Taking the revenue sharing program as an example, the commission ranges between 25 and 35%. However, it should be mentioned that those who struggle to find clients are not harshly punished as it happens normally with other platforms.
Why join the Srpotsbet affiliate program?
These programs are some of the most generous on the entire Internet. Its conditions are very flexible and the commissions can be very generous. This has made this platform one of the most attractive of its kind over the entire Internet.
How can I register to become a Srpotsbet partner
For registering it is necessary to visit the affiliates website of the bookmaker. People will need to get in contact with the affiliate manager in order to inquire about more information, and some unique steps for the sign-up procedure.


Dustin Harper
2 / 5

I would not recommend Sportsbet affiliates! They give limited opportunities. Bitcoin users will be happy. But that’s not my cup of tea. I also had some issues with the login process but there was no one to help me out so I gave up and my account was closed over some time

5 / 5

Sportsbet affiliates suit me perfectly. The range of high-quality products makes it easy to attract more customers. The RevShare rates are moderate but increase with more activity. The support team is responsive and professional. Totally satisfied!!!

4 / 5

I enrolled on Sportsbet affiliates several months ago and haven’t regretted it. The services are of good quality, payouts are fats and due to date and tools are easy to work with.

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