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Understanding how PMaffiliates partners can withdraw their commission

Parimatch is an extremely respected brand in the CIS countries and in other places around the world. This company is one of the leading technological brands around those territories, and has created a wide range of affiliate program that can be taken advantage of by virtually every individual interested in learning new ways for earning money throughout the Internet.

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Considering that Parimatch is a leading technology company, the opportunities that it offers to those interested in working with them shouldn’t be underestimated. This guide will explain some of the aspects related to how to withdraw money obtained through these programs, which of course is something extremely important for those interested to become part of these deals.

Creating a player account

In order to become one of the millions of PMaffiliates (which is the name given to the Parimatch affiliates), people must create what is called a player account. This process is actually very easy. The only thing that must be done is to access the Parimatch affiliates website, and simply from there follow the instructions displayed on screen.

It should be stated that before creating an account, it is important to become familiar and understand the benefits and obligations that come out of this kind of relationship. This is a two-way partnership, meaning that both parts must do their task properly in order to make out the most of this relationship.

What is the percentage of commission given to PMaffiliates

Before going into these details, it should be stated that there are three main kinds of deals at which it is possible to engage with Parimatch, they are:

  • revenue sharing;
  • CPA;
  • and even hybrid deals that combine both options!

The commissions are flexible, meaning that the interested partner must get in contact with Parimatch in order to discuss the available options. However, it is possible to say that the revenue share starts at 25%, which is already better than what can be offered by most of the other sites dedicated to this kind of deals. Also, for those who engage in a CPA type of partnership, the maximum amount given in this kind of deal is $100. This amount is also pretty generous among bookmakers. Normally, other sportsbooks tend to place lower limits on their respective CPA deals, but in the case of Parimatch, this results to be a highly convenient option.

How to withdraw cash obtained from a deal like this with Parimatch

Parimatch is well recognized for the flexibility that it provides to its partners. This flexibility is not only reflected in the varying commissions that were previously mentioned. This is also reflected in the means through which it is possible to withdraw the winnings obtained thanks to this partnership. Most of the people decide to employ bank accounts. However, it is necessary to make sure that the bank of the affiliate is capable of receiving transactions from Parimatch.

Another option for how to withdraw money from Parimatch is to employ online payment systems, such as PayPal or Skrill. Normally these systems tend to be much more flexible in terms of the places from which they can receive money. This has also made them an increasingly popular option. People also can learn how to withdraw money to a privatbank card by visiting the Parimatch affiliates website.

Cryptocurrencies are also being used by an increasing number of pari match affiliate. Considering the value that these assets can reach, and have reached during recent times, this is an interesting option to consider in order to keep the earnings at a maximum. This is becoming a more popular option for making withdrawal of funds among partners. In India this option is also extremely widely used. Overall, this is another example where Parimatch serves as a reference of how every company who claims to be “flexible” should work.

Main conclusions about the Parimatch affiliate programs

As said at the beginning of this article, Parimatch, being one of the most respected brands that is actively involved in sports, business and technology, can be an excellent partner for affiliates of those kinds. The company is well known for the flexibility of the deals that it offers, meaning that many people can feel attracted to the kinds of deals with which they might become involved.

Of course, the commissions are also pretty good. However, the commissions shouldn’t be the only parameter used to decide whether a deal is good or not. Instead, what must be additionally taken into account are parameters such as number of clicks, retention, among others. Still, even when considering these additional aspects, Parimatch and its affiliate programs are among the best in the entire market. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to take them into account and give them a try.


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