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What is better: CPA or RevShare?

How many times have you heard about the gambling affiliate programs and tried to understand the difference between CPA and Revshare models? It is time to figure out what CPA is and why RevShare affiliate programs are so popular here, in India. Here you will find all the main information about these two marketing models to choose the best for you and start getting the income.
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CPA: the principle of robots

The CPA programs are based on the cost-per-action principle where the advertiser (sportsbook or casino) pays for each target action. Here the rewards are paid for every user’s clicks on a referral link, complete the registration form or refill on the advertiser’s website. Don’t forget that there are strict requirements regarding the quality of traffic.

RevShare: the principle of robots

Now, let’s figure out what Revshare is. This pricing model is the total amount of revenue generated from the bets and divided between the advertiser (bookmaker) and the affiliate. There are no limits here with the promoting sites or max profit so only you decide how many you want to get.

How CPA differs from RevShare — the main differences between the models

A CPA affiliate program is the best choice for those who want to get the first income as fast as possible, while Revenue Share affiliates are more about sustainable income. With the Revshare you can get the income as long as the referral plays. But here you need more money to start and don’t wait for quick results.

CPA is a model where the advertiser pays only for a target action of the player who engaged with the ad (registration, deposit, etc.). While the Revshare programs pay only when the bettor or gambler will lose the bets made (a percent of their losses).

Conditions for CPA and RevShare Marketing

If you want to Rev Share affiliate program become profitable for you then be ready to drive only high-quality traffic otherwise, you will not be able to get the results. But in case of successful preparation, you will be able to receive long-term earnings, which will be calculated as a percentage of the amount that was spent by the player on the site.

This rule also applies to the CPA offers but here you will get the income only after the advertiser checked the performed action. Also, there are some requirements of the lead’s reality and if during the check client discovers the fraud then you will never see your money at this exact moment and in the future.

The best model for a webmaster in 2021 — the best model for a successful career

For the webmasters without any previous experience it is better to start with the CPA model and shift to RevShare only after finishing a few projects in casino affiliate programs. The CPA model allows you to quickly understand the key principles of arbitration and test various bundles.

Working with the betting affiliate programs on the RevShare model you will get the income that will be calculated as a certain percentage (up to 60%) of the attracted user’s losses.


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