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What is fraudulent traffic in arbitrage?

So the fraudulent traffic is a common problem that was previously present exclusively in the grocery niche but has lost its relevance there over time. Now it is common in gambling and dating because of the high interest in that and not only in India. The fraud does not only lead to the advertiser's budget loss without any result but also it is the reason for a lifetime ban of the affiliate marketers.
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Types of traffic in arbitration

Need to be noted that fraud traffic is low-quality traffic provided by a webmaster to a CPA network to get the commission from the advertiser. There are some main arbitration traffic types like:

  • live (target audience, which itself decided to click the ads)
  • motivated (audience who have agreed to perform a targeted action in return for a promo);
  • bot traffic (is non-human traffic to a website);
  • mixed (mix of all other types)!

It is really simple to detect bot traffic by looking directly at network requests to the sites or integrating some special web analytics tool to make this process even faster. This type of traffic is strictly prohibited in betting affiliate programs.

Features of fraud traffic

Because there are no fraudulent affiliate programs the marketers and the website owners can just the bot or human fraud traffic to achieve their goals. It can be simple or complex bots, botnets and self-learning botnets. The last type is the hardest to find because of the unique algorithm which overwrites with a neural network when someone is trying to detect it.

How to recognize fraud

To detect the fraud into your gambling affiliate program you should:

  • use special alert tools and services;
  • monitor your account regularly;
  • watch out for the abnormal speed of transitions from one source;
  • check the GEO of the click for one user;
  • know the conversion (it is fraud if there is 100% or less than 0,01% conversion)!

Be aware of the time interval between the click and the targeted action because it can also be the first sign of fraud traffic. If you noticed any of these signs, you should immediately take certain measures.

Anti-fraud systems

There are lots of complex solutions ensuring the protection of fraud. For sure everyone who already worked with the arbitrage traffic can quickly find the fraud without any special tools. But it is much easier to find it with the algorithm. It filters traffic and catches bots by passing data through itself.

Why is it risky to be engaged in fraud

You cannot build a successful career in arbitration on using fraud in the casino affiliate programs. If it will be found then all the earnings will disappear as suddenly as they appeared. As a result, eternal ban without payment of money, huge fines or even proceeding.

Earnings on affiliate programs without fraud

The affiliate offers are capable of generating high income for those who are ready to invest their own time and money in promotion. Use your own money for effective advertisement and to attract new players to the company website.


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