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Who is an affiliate marketer and how much does he earn

An affiliate marketing specialist helps develop relationships between advertisers and affiliates. Depends on the offers the marketer creates campaigns to attract new clients or for them to do some target action. This specialist work could work in gambling, betting and other popular niches. The key advantage here is the absence of restrictions on the amount of monthly income and the ability to independently influence the profit received.
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Who is an affiliate marketer

To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to know what is arbitration and how to monitor campaign performance to optimize results for growth. To achieve the goals you need to work with other marketing and technical professionals. But to get the income is also important to know where to get the arbitrage traffic. The answer: from search results, catalogues, instant messengers, links in articles and social networks.

How much can you earn on arbitration in 2021?

If you choose to work with the affiliate arbitrage as the full-time arbitrator then you can get $232,730 p.a. But without the legal qualifications and working as the sessional arbitrator you will get about $166.73 p/h. Your income depends on your qualification, type of employment and niche. The highest earnings on arbitration are in betting and online gambling.

Types and features of making money on traffic arbitrage

The key to making money with traffic arbitrage is to create promotion that will attract the target audience of the affiliate programs client. Also, you need to make the right decision about the best monetization model for this exact project. There are few payment models in arbitration that works not just for casino:

  • Revshare (percentage of the income);
  • CPL/PPL (reward is paid for lead);
  • CPC/PPC (rewards are paid for every user’s clicks on referral link);
  • CPA (the reward is paid for a certain action on the advertiser website);
  • PPV (reward is paid for ad views);
  • CPS (cost per sale)!

Those who work with the CPA networks or with the affiliate partner programs in India, choose the CPA and Revshare models to get the income. The Revshare model is meaning that this is not a fixed amount of earnings, but a percentage of all income. So there are no actual limits on your total profit because only you decide how much you want to get on arbitration.

How to become a successful affiliate marketer

If the traffic sales are what you want to do for life then your first step here is to choose a niche. You can receive earnings on traffic only if you know enough about the product and if it (the product) is in demand on the market. Learn some research programs and find free or paid courses to learn the basics fast. After that, you can build your own platform and create some Top-Notch Content. But don’t forget that the affiliate marketer is the specialist who never stops learning and always tries to find new tools for greater efficiency promotion.


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